New Wales COVID Rules from 17th July 2021 (including Eid al-Adha)

What remains the same:

  • You must continue to socially distance indoors
  • You must continue to wear a face mask indoors
  • You must continue to have up-to-date and relevant risk assessments (for mosques)

What has changed:

  • You no longer require to socially distance outdoors (and only outdoors)
  • There is no longer a maximum number for gathering outdoors – although all regulated gatherings need a risk assessment- liability for health and safety lies with organising body.

If gathering is over 500 people, you will need to submit application to local authority Events Liasion Panel who will review risk assessment and plans and approve (this can take weeks – months). If expect less than 500 people, an internal risk assessment with the sufficient measures for safety is enough. The organising body (mosque) is liable for the safety of their congregants indoor or outdoor so risk assessments are essential.
We will be issuing a checklist for events to support you in your planning.

Regulations for Eid al-Adha:

  • There are no relevant changes for mosques.
  • Worshippers must socially distance, wear a mask, and follow any additional safe practices deemed necessary by the mosque.
  • There continues to be no cap in indoor numbers provided they are socially distant and current risk assessment.

Future Changes:

  • The Welsh Government plans to move to Alert Level 0 on 7th August, which will remove the majority of regulations on gatherings including the 2m social distancing rule
  • Masks will continue to be necessary in most indoor spaces
  • Risk Assessments will be legally required by mosques

The Muslim Council of Wales will contact mosques and organisations with further guidance closer to the time.

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