Relevant Full Guidance:

Welsh Government Full Guidance on Childcare 

Indoor Children’s Activities Frequently Asked Questions 

Reasonable Measures to Tackle Coronavirus 

Key Points:

• REOPENING: From the 3rd May 2021, “supervised indoor children’s activities” can resume, which includes madrassa, Quran school, and Islamic supplementary education.

• AGE: It applies to those who are aged under 18 on 31 August 2020.

• NUMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: The limit of the number of children who can attend an activity is determined by the number that can safely attend while taking all reasonable measures to minimise the risk of coronavirus (i.e. social distancing, hand-washing, one-way systems in and out, ventilation etc…)

• FACE COVERINGS: Face coverings must be worn indoors for all people of 11 years and over, unless they have an exemption.

• ADULTS PRESENT: The number of adults in attendance must be kept to only essential staff and volunteers necessary for the activity.

• SOCIAL DISTANCING: It is encouraged that everyone keep a distance of 2metres between them (unless they are from the same household). People under 11 do not need to socially distance, but anyone older must socially distance.

• FACILITIES: Toilets and wudu areas can be open. They should however be maintained with a strict cleaning regime and ensuring users can maintain social distancing when using (this may mean a one-way system in/out, or limiting the number of users).

• FOOD/DRINK: Food and drink should not be offered as part of the activities. Attendees should be encouraged to bring any refreshments they’ll need with them. Food should not be shared.

• RECITING LOUDLY: Reciting, shouting, and singing are very high risk factors for COVID-19. Attendees should be encouraged to recite the Quran quietly and calmly. There should be some ventilation. Remember even young children can carry and pass on coronavirus.

• PICK UP/DROP OFF: There should be a safe and clear system for parents who are dropping off and picking up their children. This should maintain 2 metre distance between all people. Consider a queuing area or specific pick up/drop-off time slots.

• COVID HOME TESTING: A COVID home-testing kit is now available (“lateral flow testing”). It may be possible for staff and teachers to request the tests from the government. These are used twice a week, and help ensure you are not carrying coronavirus and passing it on. You can request it here

If you have a positive “lateral flow test”, you should book a full-test within 24 hours and self-isolate. If you would like a home testing kit for your madrassa and are unable to request it above, please contact the Muslim Council of Wales.

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